Stacey Loscalzo

Apr 04

A Nearly Perfect Book

by Stacey

Oh No, George! is a nearly perfect book.

It is a Read Together book. There are many repeating lines throughout the book that, after modeling, the emergent reader will be able to read independently.

It is perfect for working with older children on inference and prediction. 

And it is funny.

At a workshop the other night, I had a father who laughed out loud as I showed Oh No, George! And he laughed right at the part of the presentation when I talked about passing on a love of books we love. Our children do what we do, not what we say. If we read books that make us laugh, they will learn that reading is fun.

Just today, I read Oh No, George! with a client. I don’t know what made the child happier- the fact that she could read entire pages on her own or the fact that George is a funny dog.

Oh No, George! is a book that will bring on the laughter and the learning. A pretty good combination, I would say…

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  1. I’m here to prove your never too old to learn something new.
    thanks for the tip on commenting.
    George sounds like one Addie might like.

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