Stacey Loscalzo

Mar 30

What Motivates Readers

by Stacey

Nothing like a little sibling rivalry to fuel the reading fires.

Tonight, Rob brought home the New York Yankees season preview from the Wall Street Journal.

Last year, Rob and Caroline were all about the Yankees while Katherine really wasn’t so involved. Lately, though, she has expressed a greater interest and has gotten quite sad when left out of Yankee related conversations. So tonight, when Caroline poured over the article, too engrossed to read out loud, Katherine got mad.

Fortunately, instead of storming to her room and slamming her door (which, sadly, she’s been known to do), she became motivated. She took the article, reading as many of the words as she could. Player’s names, positions, numbers, smiling bigger with each word read.

Perhaps, by the end of baseball season we will have a new reader in our house…

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