Stacey Loscalzo

Mar 09

This is why

by Stacey

A few weeks ago, I described my Valentine’s plans to my neighbor. I told her that the girls were so excited about the holiday this year that I decided to do something new. I bought a banner, special plates, napkins and balloons and decorated our breakfast nook as a surprise for the girls when they came down stairs. Caroline was so thrilled she exclaimed, “Wow! We’ve never done anything so festive before!”

After I told my friend the story she said, “Well, I guess that’s why we stay home, isn’ it?”

Ever since she said that, I’ve been thinking. I’ve tried awfully hard over the years to remain, at least part time, a working mom. I love my girls but I also like remaining out there in the big wide world. At the same time, though, I have also tried awfully hard to remain, at least part time, a stay at home mom.

And in thinking about my friend’s comment, I’ve realized that sometimes I forget why I have tried to stay home. I think often about the logistics of it all. How hard it is to find child care. How overwhelmed I would get trying to do it all. That sometimes, I forget why it is I try to be home.

It is so I can decorate for Valentine’s Day.

And so when I walk home with the girls, we can stop and admire the first flower of the spring.

Walking home the other day, we spotted the tiny purple flower above. We were walking with my neighbor’s daughter and she and Katherine ran over when I called them. It was a cold and windy day and they both dropped down and covered the small bud, protecting it from the winter chill.

Now I am on the look out for the real reasons why I stay home. I can’t wait to see what I discover next…

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  1. Donna says:

    Perhaps the saddest thing about being a mom in our “era” is that women feel the need to justify being home with their children. And the best thing about being a woman in our era is that we have the choice. How wonderful that you can enjoy work you love–a great example to be setting for your girls–AND be there to celebrate life’s special moments with them!

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