Stacey Loscalzo

Mar 20

My Name is Elizabeth

by Stacey

Last night, Katherine and I finally read the amazing, My Name is Elizabeth, by Annika Dunklee. I have been wanting to read this title for ages and am so glad we finally got to it. The story is wonderful. A young Elizabeth absolutely does not want to be Liz, Beth or Betsy and in fact, will answer to none of these names.

But my true  love of the book came when we got to this illustration:

Matthew Forsythe, a brilliant illustrator, has shown Elizabeth’s mouth making each of the sounds in her name. Now, as a speech therapist and reading specialist I absolutely, positively started doing a happy dance right then and there on Katherine’s bed.

My Name is Elizabeth will now be my go to book for showing clients how sounds feel in their mouths. For many struggling readers, this is the step that is needed for them turn letters from a clump of lines and spaces to a word.

My Name is Elizabeth is in my tutoring bag right now. Hopefully Elizabeth will help a little girl this very morning…


  1. jules says:

    Oh, neat. I had never thought of the book in that light. Excellent.

  2. Annika Dunklee says:

    Hi Stacey (not Stace, Stacy nor Stacie ; ) ),

    I am thrilled that you will be able to use the book as a tool in your speech therapy practice!

    It was my intention, when writing the book, that children would try and sound out their own names, in the same manner as Elizabeth.

    Annika Dunklee

  3. Heather Garnett says:

    Stacey….following your blog lots lately! GREAT STUFF…glad you’re writing! I’m still at Collegiate in 4th grade and raising an “Elizabeth”…she goes by Elle so I’m especially thankful for this title…great for the Easter basket. Thanks for sharing ! Heather

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