Stacey Loscalzo

Mar 01

February Books

by Stacey

Last month, I posted about the books I had read over the course of the month with a hope of continuing to do so with each turn of the calendar. They say that it takes twenty one times to form a habit so I wouldn’t say I have it totally figured out but two for two isn’t bad…

Oh and before I go on, a note… These are the books that I read during the month that I consider my book, the book that sits on my night stand, the book that I carry in my purse, the book that I read in the car pool line. I can’t seem to keep track of picture books and read aloud books in quite such an organized way. Perhaps that’s a goal for next year.

This month began with our book club selection, Ready Player One. This book is one of the many reasons I love being in a book club. I never, like in a million years never, would have picked up this book on my own. It is the story of life in 2044, a time when humanity is a wreck and most people spend their days playing a virtual video game. There are tons of references to 1980’s video games that I never played and songs I didn’t really listen to. Despite all of this, I found this book a worthwhile read with mystery, love and foreboding in equal measure.

After Ready Player One, I was ready for Daughter of Smoke and Bone. I had been reading great things about this young adult book and I wasn’t disappointed. It wasn’t quite as compelling as Twilight or Hunger Games but reading it still made for a fun few days.

And then I finally read my first Jack Gantos novel, Dead End in Norvelt, this year’s Newbery winner. In some ways, I don’t like reading the Newbery once it’s been given the Newbery. I think I feel like people did if they read Eat, Pray, Love after hearing so very much about it. I really, really liked Dead End in Norvelt but I couldn’t help thinking about all the other really good books I had read last year and wondering…

And on to March. I have already started reading Wonder, a truly amazing book… More to come on that.

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