Stacey Loscalzo

Mar 08

Extra Yarn

by Stacey

You know those books that are so hyped you start to wonder if they are really all that good? Or if maybe they just have a great publisher that could get the book into all the right hands? Or if maybe their illustrator’s last book was so good that people assume this one will be too?

I had read so much about Extra Yarn that I began to wonder if it fell into one of those categories. Extra Yarn tells the story of Annabelle, who with the help of a little bit of colorful yarn, changes her world. The illustrations are darling and even give readers a quick glance at some of their friend’s from I Want my Hat Back. The story though, of the power of one small person, is an important one for children and their grown ups to hear again and again.

Now I think I will go out and search for my own box of yarn…


  1. Zoe says:

    Hmm. so does the book really live up to the hype? I wasn’t a massive fan of I want my hat back, but of course I’m intrigued by this new book because of the rumblings about it everywhere…

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