Stacey Loscalzo

Mar 15

Battle of the Books

by Stacey

So I think I made it pretty clear on Monday, that the Highlights Foundation workshop I went to last week was awesome. Now I’m even more excited about it.

You see, I have been on Twitter for ages now but I must admit that I never understood it. I found the whole thing so overwhelming that I decided I was a touch too old for it and I’d let it go. And then I listened to all our wise faculty last week, especially Katie Davis and Lindsey Leavitt who talked on and on about how much they learned through Twitter.

I decided that I would give it a go and I can’t even begin to explain about all the interesting articles, blog posts and thoughts I have read since last week. Among all the greatness though, one new piece of information rises to the top.

There is a March Madness of children’s literature. It is called the Battle of the Kid’s Books and you can read all about at School Library Journal.

Now if you are a reading nerd (and I say that fondly) like I am then take a deep breath before I continue.

Because there is even a bracket.

Every year, I fill out a basketball March Madness bracket because I like to be part of the excitement. And every year I realize how little I know about basketball. I end up picking teams because of their geographical location (‘Oh, my dad used to live in New Mexico, I’ll go with them’) or the color of their uniforms (‘I love a good Carolina blue’) or a heartwarming story I heard about their coach (Arizona’s Lute Olson struck my fancy one year.)

Now this year, I will have my own bracket and I will know what it’s all about. I will pick books because I know about them and love them. I will have real emotional connection with the outcome. I will truly care who wins or looses.

Hum… Maybe I’ll even develop a great understanding about why certain people (read: Rob) pay so much attention to the television during March… Or maybe I’ll just have Rob fill out a Battle of the Books bracket to see how I’ve felt all these years….

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