Stacey Loscalzo

Mar 22


by Stacey

Tonight, Katherine was having a hard time falling asleep. In fact, she begged me to sleep with her. She asks this all the time which is strange because we have never been a co-sleeping family. The only time she has ever slept with me is when we go on vacation and the number of beds available make sharing a necessity. For some reason though, this fact never stops her from asking. She was so desperate tonight that she asked if maybe I could sleep with her on her birthday. While it sure would be a cheap present, I have to imagine I will be able to come up with a slightly better gift.

But anyway, back to tonight. She was really having a hard time letting go so I asked her if she wanted to give me one more hug or three, a simple strategy that continues to work. Or I should say, that continued to work before tonight. She countered with “100 hugs!” and then proceeded to hug me until she had counted all the way from 1 to 100.

While I think I developed a cramp in my neck around 37 and was having a hard time breathing by 62, it is nice to know that I am loved enough to receive one hundred hugs…



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