Stacey Loscalzo

Jan 30

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

by Stacey

Last year, my friend Nicky and I did not make any friends as we crowded around one particular auction item at our elementary school’s silent auction. The girl’s art teacher had offered a day at the Metropolitan Museum of Art with her as a personal tour guide to the top six bidders. As soon as someone would raise the price, we were right there to top it. I can imagine that people might have used some choice words to describe us that night. But I wouldn’t do it any differently.

Thanks to our persistence, our families spent this Saturday at the Met with the girl’s  most fabulous art teacher at our side. She and her husband and their two small children (yes- that is her 7 month baby girl in the Bjorn pictured above!) led us expertly around the enormous museum. We darted from gallery to gallery, never getting lost and hearing fascinating tidbits about many glorious pieces of art.

And now, I’m sure you can guess which children’s book I’ll be talking about in an upcoming post. I’m off to read it to the girls right now…

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