Stacey Loscalzo

Jan 31

Have Books

by Stacey

Have books, will travel…

On the way to school yesterday morning, Katherine, her friend Owen and I were stuck in a terrible traffic jam. The kids were doing fine until I said something silly along the lines of, “We have been in this car so long, I feel like we are on a trip!”

That was when Katherine began to say she was bored.

So I told her to pull out her books that she brings home from school and read to Owen. So she did.

She read all five books. She read them front to back. Then backwards. And then she read each page backwards.

The traffic was so bad that I worried she would have to start reading each word backwards. Fortunately, the traffic broke up  before we got to that point.

Although that might have been interesting. Or perhaps I should say, gnitseretni.

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