Stacey Loscalzo

Dec 12

Enough said, again

by Stacey

Sometimes all the information keeps pointing in the same direction.

 Last week, I wrote about the ridiculous discrepency between teacher salaries and those of professional baseball players.

Then I spent tons and tons of time this weekend preparing for a day of professional development that I will be conducting later this week. When I figured out how many hours I had spent preparing for the day, I became quite discouraged. While I love the work, it was crazy to realize just how little money today’s education system thinks my time is worth.  

And then I took the girls to make Christmas presents at our amazingly wonderful local bead shop and saw the poster above displayed among all their beauty.

It reads,

It will be a great day


our schools get all the money

they need

and the air force

has to hold

a bake sale

to buy a bomber.

I hate to repeat myself but, enough said.

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