Stacey Loscalzo

Nov 22


by Stacey

I have written in the past about the value of reading the same books to different aged siblings. Lately though, I am languishing in the beauty of reading separately with the girls. Not only does this give me much  needed one on one time with each of them but we have made an important and seemingly obvious discovery.

Katherine likes different types of books than Caroline does. There. I said it. My girls have different opinions about books. The girls themselves are very different. Why it has taken me this long to realize that their reading preferences would also be different is a bit of a mystery but no time to dwell on that.

Because now, I have a whole new world of books to explore. For years I have focused on finding books that would appeal to Caroline’s very small window of reading preference. Books that take place in the current day (unless the book is written by Judy Blume or Beverly Clearly, thank goodness) and books that are based in reality. No historical fiction. No fantasy. No mystery and for goodness sake, no animals as characters. There are many, many wonderful books that fit these requirements but there are also so, so many that don’t. And now I get to read those books too.

So off I go to collect amazingly magical, old fashioned tales told from the perspective of creatures with four legs.

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