Stacey Loscalzo

Nov 02

Bridge Books

by Stacey

On Monday, I wrote about my first experience at Bookfest. I felt I had so much to say that I couldn’t fit it all in one post so this is Bookfest- Take Two.

After our key note, the group split into break out sessions. I chose the session titled, Transitions: Briding the Gap between Easy Readers and Chapter Books. We had been asked to read many titles ahead of time from The Time Warp Trio: Summer Reading is Killing Me to Keena Ford: Field Trip Mix Up.  With a shared knowledge base, the group had an interesting discussion about their favorites and how they appeal to this group of readers.

I have always used the term easy chapter books to describe these types of titles but am now drawn to the title bridge books. In our group we discussed the importance of appealing to the readers on the bridge…those children who are transitioning into chapter books. Our facilitator stated that if children don’t make the transition from easy readers into chapter books, they’ve lost their chance to grow into readers.  I don’t agree with this as I think the right adult can really motivate a child to love reading at any age but I do agree with the importance of these types of books.

There is a big difference between easy readers and chapter books. Readers need a comfortable place to rest in between. In coming weeks, I will post more about bridge books as I grow my own list of the best of the best. Which bridge books would be on your list of favorites? Feel free to leave titles in the comments section…

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