Stacey Loscalzo

Nov 07

Books as Gifts

by Stacey

Having spent last week trick or treating among piles of snow and downed power lines, it seems impossible to believe that the holiday season is fast approaching. I am given a reminder, however, as I dream and plan about a course I am teaching in just a few short weeks.

My local friends can join me at the Ridgewood Community School on November 30th to learn about Books as Gifts: How to Choose Titles Children Will Love. To register click here.

Taken directly from the marketing materials…

Take a break from Goodnight Moon. Instead of going back again and again to the same old favorites, learn how to choose current children’s literature that will leave kids wishing more people gave them books for the holidays. You will leave the session with the tools to make your own choices as well as with lists of titles appropriate for a variety of ages.

And my friends who would need to travel unrealistic distances to join me, I ask you to participate as well. My presentation continues to grow as I talk with people and add thoughts and ideas. Do you give children books as gifts? If you do,what are some of your favorites? What are you most creative ways to pair books with toys? How do you encourage a love of reading with the gifts you give?

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