Stacey Loscalzo

Oct 10

A Different Route

by Stacey

I love it when life itself teaches you a lesson.

I typically run the same route every morning. And I almost always see the same man walking his terrier. I always wave and say hello despite getting very little to no response in return. The other day, I had had it with my usual run. I was tired of seeing the same houses, same people, same landmarks. I was feeling off and knew that without some new distractions the rest of my run would not be fun.

So I turned right where I usually go straight. And as I rounded the corner of this new street, I saw the man with his terrier. Before I could even say hello, he looked me in the eye and happily said, “A different route today? ” as if we were the best of friends who chatted all the time.

A new route and a new attitude. May I always remember the benefits of straying from the path every now and then…


  1. Meg Medina says:

    Such a sweet post…and then my coarsened New Yorker mentality kicked in. That terrier-walkin’ psycho better not be following you or I’ll have to take him out! (Ha!!!) Have a super day, sweetie!

  2. Kathleen says:

    Love this post! It’s good to take a different turn sometimes, isn’t it?

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