Stacey Loscalzo

Sep 15

Writing Workshop

by Stacey

A Writer is Born

Next week I begin a new series of professional development sessions with a local group of teachers. This group will be transitioning from a whole group basal based method of teaching to a reading and writing workshop. This is a huge change for teachers and I anticipate many questions, concerns and some hesitation among the group.

I hope to show them the picture above as inspiration. Katherine has been to kindergarten seven times so far. She began writing workshop at the end of last week. She now carries a notebook and a marker with her, “just in case”. And she writes.

We were at the playground for an hour yesterday while Caroline had soccer practice on the field next to us. The entire time we were there, Katherine drew and wrote as children climbed over her, examining her creations along their way.

Thanks (in part!) to writer’s workshop, a writer is born…

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  1. Zoe says:

    What a lovely photo! I wish I’d had my camera yesterday – my emergent reader was reading as she walked home from school and bumped into someone else because her nose was in a book – it was quite a comedy (and wonderful) moment which we all enjoyed.

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