Stacey Loscalzo

Sep 07

A Perfect Antidote

by Stacey

Our Favorite Place to Be

Tension was high before we left the house for the first day of school. Hair was done (three times til perfection), clothes were ironed, bags were packed. I looked nervously at the clock as I realized we were ready way too early.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to keep the girls and their butterfly filled stomach calm for another half hour.

Suddenly, Caroline said, “Mom, can you read to me?”

Can you think of a better antidote to stress? I can’t and apparently neither can Caroline.

What a wonderful truth to discover…


  1. Julia Moskovitz says:

    i loved reading this! how special that they feel so at ease with hearing you read aloud. that is awesome! it’s the little things…

  2. A Hidden Gem says:

    […] unknown titles that completely amaze. Last week, when Caroline asked me to read and help settle her ‘first day of school butterflies’, I picked up the closest book I could find.  I had grabbed No One But You off the New Books Shelf […]

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