Stacey Loscalzo

Sep 13

A Hidden Gem

by Stacey


I love stumbling upon wonderful books, unknown titles that completely amaze. Last week, when Caroline asked me to read and help settle her ‘first day of school butterflies’, I picked up the closest book I could find.  I had grabbed No One But You off the New Books Shelf at the library drawn to it’s calming cover but knowing nothing about it.

No One But You, written by Douglas Wood and illustrated by P.J. Lynch  highlights all the magical ways each of us uniquely experiences this life.

The text is beautiful with passages like these:

“No one but you can smile just your smile or laugh just your laugh. No one but you can remember your own memories…all the things you’ve done, all the places you’ve been, with all your favorite people. And, of course, no one but you can make your new memories-the ones yet to come.”

And the pictures just go on and on like this…

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