Stacey Loscalzo

Aug 26


by Stacey

I truly believe, for the most part, that children gravitate toward the materials that surround them. In this house, those materials would be books, paper and writing supplies.

The girls are both avid readers and writers, in part, because of the things that are around them every day.

Lately too, I’ve noticed another benefit. Caroline, who is often full of anxiety but short on the patience to talk through difficulties, will write me letters. Complete with envelopes.

Tonight I was frustrated with Caroline during dinner because she turned her nose up at a meal that she has eaten a ton of times before. And this is now officially a trend. She seems to be eating cereal for dinner far more often than she is eating the meal I have prepared.

Shortly after dinner I found the note below sitting on the counter:

It reads: I am sorry that I have not been eating for a week! The pork tenderloin just didn’t taste too good. I think Daddy is right about the food at the Yankee game. Again, I am really sorry.

Sometimes I will write a letter back which will then often elicit another letter in reply.

Tonight a hug was her response. Fortunately, along with our books and paper, we have plenty of hugs in supply too.

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  1. Lindsey says:

    Grace does this to. When too emotional to talk, she storms off, and then later on I find a note, often with an envelope, on my desk or by my bed, conveying her apology.

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