Stacey Loscalzo

Aug 23

I’m Bored

by Stacey

I often have visions of beautiful sunny days when sisters play quietly like the best friends they really are.

 Sometimes, we actually have those days.

Yesterday was not one of them.

All day long I heard, “I’m bored!” “Everyone’s on vacation except us!” “What can we do!?”

By mid afternoon, I realized that my vision was not my reality and I had to step it up. I turned, as I often do, to the blogosphere for inspiration. Within minutes, I had two great ideas.

Of course, because it was just that kind of day, the girls would not agree on which project to persue, so they chose seperate projects. That aside, we had lots of fun and there were finally some smiles…

I discovered a fantastic Find and Make Scavenger Hunt at one my favorite blogs, The Artful Parent. In this creative project, the good old fashioned concept of a scavenger hunt is made even more fun with the addition of some art projects along the way. I took some of Jean’s ideas and added some of my own. Caroline searched for and created things like a Lego House, a tracing of her hand decorated with gorgeous jewelry and an item that started with the same letter as her name.

Katherine chose to tackle the Rainbow Walk. I found this idea at Two Chicks and a Hen, a new blog for us that I found through the Artful Parent. This is one of the joys of reading blogs- one leading to another and then another. With a chart in hand, Katherine and I headed outside to find colorful items- one for each color of the rainbow. As we searched, we seemed to find nature in equal proportion to small pieces of trash. This disappointing  discovery expanded our discussions from colors to protecting our earth.

And now for the smiles…


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  1. Becky Chamberlain says:

    Wonderful, Stacey! You are indeed an artful parent! 🙂

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