Stacey Loscalzo

Jul 06

Our New Favorite Book

by Stacey

Lauren Child’s version of the Princess and the Pea is absolutely, positively to die for…

A few weeks ago, one of my favorite on-line people, Mariah Bruhel of Playful Learning, wrote about this book. I commented that I was not familiar with it and couldn’t wait to go read it.

Mariah responded that the Princess and the Pea was sure to be a new favorite. As I wrote this winter,  we devoured Child’s version of Pippi Longstocking so I was fairly sure that Mariah would be correct.

The telling of the story is clever and the illustrations are out of this world- a combination of photographed doll house furniture and beautifully crafted people and clothes made out of virbrantly colored papers. We just can’t get enough of this rendition of such an old tale.

We have now moved on to many of Lauren Child’s other books… More to come on them here I am sure…

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