Stacey Loscalzo

Jul 29

Never Bored

by Stacey

Along with being shocked by how much I miss Caroline, this week has been filled with another surprise.

Katherine has watched television once. All week.

I have fairly strict rules (ok, quite strict rules) regarding the number of shows the girls watch each week but I tend to be more lenient when Katherine is without Caroline, her most favorite playmate. It wasn’t until  yesterday that I realized the television has sat quiet. It is right in the middle of the living room in our cottage. Katherine must walk by it dozens of times a day but she hasn’t asked to watch since the first day we arrived.

I decided that when you go to the beach any minute you wish, television becomes pretty unimportant.

And then this morning, as if reading my mind, one of my favorite bloggers,Greg from Gotta Book, posted this poem:

At the Beach
Greg Pincus

Tide pools. Shell walks. Drippy sand.
White capped breakers hitting land.
Body surfing. Miles to walk.
Joining in as seabirds talk.
Cooling breeze. Bright warm sun.
Nothing here that must be done.
Toys and tech inside, ignored.
On the beach I’m never bored.

Looks like Greg is right.

When this

 is available, television is not so popular…

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