Stacey Loscalzo

Jul 05

Girls of Summer

by Stacey

I have mentioned one of my favorite people/children’s authors here before- Meg Medina. If you didn’t check her out the last time I wrote about her, please check her out now.

And then you’ll know why I had an author crush on Meg before she created an awesome summer reading list and you’ll be able imagine how I feel now that she has created such a list. Please go check out The Girls of Summer here, a book list for strong girls about strong girls.

I will let Meg and her co-list creator Gigi Amateau, describe the list to you in their own words…

“We are two writers, two friends, two women, two former strong girls, who decided to tackle a project we wish had been around when we were thirsty for books that moved us —  but struggling through Ivanhoe.

The result is Girls of Summer, a list of 18 of our personal favorites that we think speak to girls uniquely and help them understand the journey. These are books – new and old, well-known and quiet. What mattered to us most was the celebration of a girl’s connection to the world around her. In the pages of these lovely books you’ll find middle class girls, girls with disabilities, girls of color, girls who might know God, good girls/bad girls. But always girls who stare into the eyes of what’s ahead and refuse to flinch.”

Super fun, right? Click here to find the entire list of 18 amazing titles on IndieBound. I am going to work my way through this list as soon as my friend and I finish our first list of the summer so be sure to leave a comment and let me know which of the Girls of Summer books should be my first read…


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