Stacey Loscalzo

Jul 25

Day Camp

by Stacey

Katherine headed off to Day Camp this morning. Do you think her backpack is big enough?

Katherine will be on the same campus as Caroline. I’m not sure if they will see each other or how they will react if they do. Just last night I asked Katherine if she hoped to see Caroline and she told me she didn’t. I was shocked as she’s been talking about her big sister pretty much non-stop since we dropped Caroline off at camp last Thursday. Upon seeing my surprise she said, “Well, Caroline said she didn’t want to see me.”

I’m pretty sure this comment was uttered during those same weeks leading up to camp when Caroline was embarrassed by the fact that Katherine and I would staying on the Cape, very close, in fact, to camp. I’ve now talked to Caroline’s counselors twice and have learned that she is making tons of good friends and loving all her activities but is feeling pretty homesick, especially at night. Something makes me think if Caroline happened to see Katherine this week, it might not be such a bad thing.

Then again, there’s the story my aunt likes to tell about her summer at this same camp when she was so homesick she ended up in the infirmary. When her big sister, my mom, was called in to help her feel better the only comfort she got was a disgusted look followed by an adamant request to stop all the nonsense and get up as she was very embarrassing.

So I guess only time will tell if stumbling upon a sister will be a welcome surprise or a terrible embarrassment… knowing my girls I’m betting on the former…Let’s hope I’m right!

And a special note for those of you who come here looking for literacy information…So often I feel like I can’t separate my ‘book life’ from my ‘real life’, that they are intertwined. But somehow sending my big girl off to sleep away camp has dominated my thoughts and my writing. Literacy to come- I promise!

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