Stacey Loscalzo

Jun 10

Mouse and Mole

by Stacey

I  love it when life and literature intersect.

Last night, I was reading the latest installment of the Mouse and Mole books, Mouse and Mole: Fine Feather Friends to the girls. Mouse and Mole set out to create a book about birds, searching for the birds and then writing tales and drawing pictures of the birds they find. Through out the process they discover that Mouse is a natural poet while Mole shines as an artist. They decide that instead of creating their own books they will collaborate on a title together.

As I read,  I kept thinking about the concept of multiple intelligences. I am working through this concept with my teachers at school and I  couldn’t wait to share this book with them. But then the life-literature connection got even better.

Katherine had kindergarten orientation yesterday and she was just as proud of herself as she could be. She couldn’t stop talking about her half hour in the kindergarten room so I shouldn’t have been surprised when she found a connection between her day and the book we were reading. I must say, though, it took me a minute to understand where she was going with the sentence, “Miss J. is a Mole.”

As I paused to figure out what she was talking about, she continued, “The boy next to me was sad, so Miss J. drew a picture of him. It looked just like him. His hair was black and so were his shoes.” So… Miss J. is a natural artist. And also apparently, a natural teacher. Perhaps next year, Katherine will get to be Miss J.’s Mouse. What a book they could create…

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