Stacey Loscalzo

Jun 08

Egg Words

by Stacey

One of the most fun job related tasks I’ve had lately is creating a professional development library for each of my schools. I was given a small budget and free reign to order books that would be useful to teachers.

People who know me well know that children’s book and professional development books for teachers are to me what shoes are to many women. I have entire huge book cases full of each.

So given the above task, I’ve been having a blast.

Just today I was reviewing the book, Best of Dr. Jean: Reading and Writing  by the excellent Dr. Jean and found an idea that I just had to try right away.

Egg Words. What a fun, simple and novel way to practice sound blending. I created eggs immediately by writing onsets (beginning sounds) on the left hand side of the egg and rimes (phonograms such as at) on the right hand side. I can’t wait for the girls to get home and try them, flipping the eggs around to create one new word after another.

And as an added bonus, my husband was working from home today and helped me to stage the photo above. He told me he never imagined he would be asked to be a hand model. Maybe he should work from home more often. Who knows what I might have in store for him…

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