Stacey Loscalzo

Jun 13


by Stacey

Yesterday, Katherine had a playdate so Caroline and I had some time alone. This is an unusual dynamic so we rushed to do many of the things that are hard to do when a well loved but younger sister is around. Our first trip was to Bazaar Star Beadery, a wonderful independently owned beading store in town. Caroline and I each made a Whirly Swirly (as pictured above). And yes, if anyone is wondering we are calling this summer the “Summer of the Growing Bangs.” Or what Caroline will later call the “Summer of How Did You Let My Hair Look Like That.”

As we sat and beaded, I kept sighing. I realized that I hadn’t sat and done something like this with Caroline in ages, if ever. We both sat still and focused for close to an hour. I felt my whole self relaxing in a way that almost felt yoga-like. Ironically, I had talked with a dear friend earlier in the morning about an article she had read discussing the importance of making things with our hands. In today’s society it is so rare and so important.

I’m glad that Caroline and I were able to have the chance to prove the article right….

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