Stacey Loscalzo

May 28

Happy Anniversary

by Stacey

Today we drove for a total of five hours for a two hour lunch. We were on four highways and a few back roads. Normally, on Memorial Day weekend, this would be the stuff for complaints but not today.

We drove to Old Saybrook, CT to celebrate a 70th wedding anniversary. And no, that is not a typo. Seven- zero. Seventy.

Rob’s grandparents celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary today by enjoying lunch at the water with their three children and their families. I’m just not sure how many people can claim to have attended a 70th wedding annivesary. Something makes me think not too many.

As if this event wasn’t special enough, there was a wedding taking place at the restaurant. As the bride posed for pictures, Rob’s grandmother walked right  up to her to tell her how wonderful it was that this day brought a new wedding beside a celebration of such a long marriage. This young bride felt so happy that she asked Great Grandma to pose in a picture with her. Most of the men with us were confused by what was going on but I can say not a female eye was dry.

How fitting it was to watch these two events side by side. To watch an old bride hug a young bride as if all her well wishes could be passed along in one hug. And lucky we all were to be there as this circle was being drawn right before us…


  1. Car Rides says:

    […] few weeks ago, we drove to celebrate Rob’s grandparent’s 70th wedding annivesary. This trip involved more hours spent in the car than those spent celebrating and I felt my […]

  2. Kathleen says:

    What an amazing story, Stacey, and what a wonderful event for all of you — families of the old and families of the new — to witness and share!

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