Stacey Loscalzo

May 24

An Idea

by Stacey

So maintaining two blogs does not seem to be working. Instead of writing twice as much, I am not writing at all.

Rob and I were away last week, and this picture was hanging in our room…

And I thought to myself that in order to make boring art, one must first make art. When I am writing both in my notebook and on my blog, I feel better, calmer, more myself. Often the art (writing in this case) is beyond boring but it is something.

I have tried to keep my blogs separate- one  about my  ‘family’ and one about my ‘work’. When I read back through my writing, though, I see that my life can not be separated in to clear, crisp categories and maybe this is why it’s been so hard to write.

So now I am going to combine my blogs in an attempt to make some  ‘not boring art’. Here goes…

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  1. Donna says:

    So I lovelovelove this idea! Anything that will keep you writing is a bonus for those of us who are on this journey with you. Try it and see what happens. Remember: one of the joys of art is that you can always change your mind…

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