Stacey Loscalzo

Feb 28

Sports Illustrated for Kids

by Stacey

Sports Illustrated KIDS Cover

In honor of  Nonfiction Monday, I thought I would write about Caroline’s latest reading love. Sports Illustrated for Kids.

When parents learn that the reading life they model for their children can have a direct impact on both their children’s reading skills and  their enjoyment, panic can appear. “But I only read magazines!” or “But my husband only reads the paper!” are phrases that I hear often.

If any of those parents had been hear to see my daughter devour her first issue of Sports Illustrated Kids this weekend, their worries would be gone. While Caroline reads books with the same excitement, I was thrilled to see her transfer her love of books, easily and swiftly to magazines. Books are certainly an important part of any reading diet,but so too are magazines. As with food, a reading diet should be varied. A little fiction, some nonfiction and poetry. Some books that are too easy and some that are just right. Adding magazines to Caroline’s repertoire is a perfect next step to establishing a truly well rounded reading diet.

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