Stacey Loscalzo

Jan 31

Nonfiction Monday

by Stacey

I am always on the look out for engaging beginning reader books. And I mean really engaging. When I saw Big Cats, part of the We Read Phonics series, I nearly cried with excitement.

Big Cats includes real photographs of lions, tigers and house cats. Below each photograph is one sentence of clearly spaced text containing mainly simple sight words and CVC words. Unlike many early readers, this books contains words that are truly meant for the early reader. I get so frustrated by the books sold by big chain stores that claim to be early readers. I’ve known many parents who have gotten home with a ‘level one book’ only to be disappointed that their children can barely get through the first few words. The misrepresentation of book’s levels are unfair to parents and children alike.

This was why I nearly cried when I saw Big Cats, an honest to goodness Level 1 book. And it’s non-fiction too!

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